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Kokan Attractions  

Nature @ its best!

Kokan could be a synonym for natural beauty. With beaches, jungles, mountains and rivers, Kokan lies as a unique tourist spot in India.

Kokan has 720 kms of beach. The rainfall in this area is about 300 inches a year. There are thick forests at one side and they contain all types of plants from fruits-bearing trees to herbal plants.
The mountains ooze streams of mineral water and they flow down like silver lines on the mountains. There are rivers, sea forts, excavations, and a lot more.

Ganpatipule & Tarkali

As Kokan’s fame as a tourist spot glowing, these two stand as distinctively attractive spots. Ganpatipule, as the name suggests is the land of Lord Ganesha, with a very sacred temple of the Lord is situated here. It’s also a naturally blessed place.

Tarkali is a 7 km long beach from Malvan to Devbaug. It has silvery sands and clean waves. It’s also famed for its backwater tourism.

Village Tourism

At Kokan, you can see the village life at the nearest.  The beauty of peaceful living will entice you to a lifetime as you get exposed to the nakedness of each village. We take special efforts in introducing you to the villageous tidbits as you would experience the Konkani delicious dishes, cultural demonstrations, cottage-life and more. The richness of village will arrest your attention as you see these self-sufficient villages make for a day’s living.

Kokan Heritage

The heritage of Kokan lies in their tradition-bound buildings and structures like temples, old houses, bridges etc. For instance,  One can see old houses called Chowsophy Wada, which has many interesting things like lying in chamber (Balant Kholi), son-in-law window (jawai khidaki), underground room (Talghar), kitchen room, women room, gents room, family head room, 3 different verandahs etc, in middle square place. There are crafty bridges, which are built by materials produced in the villages. There are underground wells having 30 to 35 feet depth from surface having steps to climb down.

Kokan Paryatan Specialties

Cultural Tourism
We offer you special occasions to know the cultural nuances of Kokan. During our weekend tours we organise various cultural programs for tourists which are performed by local artists. There are folk art forms like Zakhadi Nrutya (traditional folk dance for Godess Gauri & Ganpati), Gomucha Nach (folk dance played by local fishermen community), Dashavtar, Naman (local drama of Sindhudurga & Ratnagiri). All these will be organised every Saturday for tourists at Hedvi Beach (Guhaghar) & Rangoli Bunglow (Vengurla).

Backwater Tourism
With Kokan Paryatan, you have an exciting chance of Backwater tourism. This will include ride in the backwater of Dighi, Dabhol, Karde, Jaigad & Tarkarli backwaters. Tourists can experience virgin beauty of nature here, local fishermen life, fishing practices & can enjoy peaceful, untouched natural surroundings.

Agro Tourism
To know the bio-diversity of Kokan, you ought to take this one. We take the tourists to farms, plantations and fruit-groves and give them information about the agricultural landscape of Kokan. We identify and detail some of the rare plants which are only found in Kokan region.

Adventure Tourism
With us, you can enjoy motorbike Tour, Treck, Rivercrossing, Vally crossing, Paraceling, Snorkeling & Water Sports.

Other tourisms
Moreover, there are multiple tourism options for every Kokan visitor. The wide-stretched beaches offer a full-length Beach Tourism, while the holiness of the place offers a full-swing of religious mission.

Whoever be the visitors, whatever be their interests, Kokan Paryatan has all the plans for each of them. With us, you would experience not just Kokan only, but the life in it too.


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